The illumination source is a built in white LED. The LED is located in a swing arm which positions the beam directly over the specimen viewing area. The arm can be incrementally raised for various dark ground illumination effects, or swivelled completely up to the vertical to allow clear access to the stage. The LED is switched on using the illumination button. A single press for ‘on’, and a single press for ‘off’. There is a built in timer which automatically switches off the light between approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The light can be switched on again with a single button press. The timer can be bypassed when an external power source is connected.


The Focus control wheel is an endless bi-rotational control, delivering the full focus range within a single 360 rotation in either direction. Focus therefore can be achieved quickly regardless of which direction the wheel is turned.


The push-on focus wheel enlarger provides very precise focussing, especially at high magnifications.


A micrometer XY slide indexer is fitted to each Newton model aa standard. This is detachable and can be substituted for slide clips also supplied.