Isaac I. Bogoch
Divisions of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Toronto General Hospital, Canada

open quote I have used several Newtons for schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminth diagnosis and they perform exceptionally well with very high sensitivity and specificity
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Todd Vorenkamp demonstrates Ultra-Macro photography with the Newton

open quote As a compact and portable field microscope, the Nm1 likely has few peers with the same precision, ruggedness, and ease of use. Its compact form factor and innovative design make it unique in the world of microscopes.
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Professors M.E and J.E Coopers

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi

open quote The Newton proved excellent – lightweight, easy to handle and operate in the field and with good optics.  As you know, we were anxious to test the Newton under proper, sometimes adverse, conditions

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Adobe PDF symbol John Cooper on veterinary fieldwork and using the Newton

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Geoffrey Kibby

British Mycology Society Journal

open quote For a powerful, well-made microscope at a great price, to easily carry to forays etc or even use in the field you need look no further than this amazing unit. I wish the company every success with this remarkable product
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Chris Daborn

International Veterinary consultant

open quote My impression from the brief opportunity to use the Newton is that it is just a fantastic bit of kit! The clarity of the image, ease of light adjustment, focus and scanning the slide were superlative compared to my state of the ark microscope.
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Malcolm Guy

Medical worker trialling the Newton microscope in Gambia, West Africa

open quote On the afternoon of 6th November, another colleague - Gibril Bah - who is head of the Clinical Haematology Laboratory and very experienced, took us to the village of Berending some 50 kms from MRC Fajara.  There we set up a small table under a large mango tree in the centre of this typical rural Gambian village.  I took along some stained slides and settled down to examine them (surrounded by a group of excited village children).  Even in this unusual environment, it was easy to see the smallest malaria parasites with the portable mic'.  Gibril was anxious to examine the slides and when he did, his excitement at what he saw was a joy to witness.  He was very impressed with the clarity of the image and the ease of use for the instrument, despite the very hot weather conditions that day.  He continued to express his overall pleasure with the mic' for the next couple of hours!
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